About the Element

This text is about the theoretical Uub, written before 112 became the named Copernicium (Cn)

Uub 112 is a heavy metal that only exists in the lab. It has a circular molecular structure and is presumed radioactive should elements exist together.

About the Print
I loved the idea of "Heavy Metal" as it is a kind of music I realy like - to the dismay of my adult children. I googled heavy metal images, got lots of guitars, which was the basis for my print. I used the molegular structure on the guitar. I used a solar plate. I initially printed on neat silver paper, but the ink hasn't dried yet. I also used up my last intaglio solar plate before I realized that I had not reversed the letters and numbers. So this is a relief solar plate with which I have not had experience.

About the Printmaker
I am a printmaker and fiber artist currently residing in Indianapolis. I got my BFA in printmaking at the University of Michigan. I worked nights in the Coronary Intensive Care Unit to pay for my education, and I loved every moment of art school and living in Ann Arbor, MI. I have a studio at the Indianapolis Art Center where I teach and head up the fiber department.

Indianapolis Art Center

Formerly Ununbium
by Carol L. Myers

Symbol: Cn
Atomic number: 112
Atomic weight: 285