About the Element
The first isolation of 113, ununtrium, occurred in experiments in 2003 by scientists at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia in collaboration with scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA. An isotope of 115, ununpentium, was formed by the fusion of calcium nuclei with americium nuclei, which then underwent alpha decay to form an isotope of 113. In 2004 Scientists at RIKEN in Japan isolated 113 by fusing Zinc and Bismuth. Both isolations are yet to be confirmed.

About the Print
The image was inspired by the alpha decay of 115 to 113 and was to represent atoms with alpha particles streaming off. However, the print also looks as though the atoms are flying around and possibly headed for collision, which also works to show part of the process in the isolation of 113.

Wood intaglio.

About the Printmaker


by Ivan Locke

see also: Ununseptium

Symbol: Uut
Atomic number: 113
Atomic weight: 284