About the Element
Aluminium or aluminum is a bluish-silver-white and ductile member of the poor metal group of chemical elements. It has the symbol Al and atomic number 13. Aluminium is found primarily in bauxite ore and is remarkable for its ability to resist corrosion (due to the phenomenon of passivation) and its light weight. It has good electrical and thermal conductivity, high reflectivity, and resistance to oxidation. The metal is used in many industries to manufacture a large variety of products and is very important to the world economy. Structural components made from aluminium and its alloys are vital to the aerospace industry and very important in other areas of transportation and building

About the Print
An aluminum soda can was used simply because it is very recognizable as an aluminum product. The pattern in the background are Bohr models of varies sizes representing aluminum (3,8,2) and the main subject is of a soda can.

The print was created by hand pulling the image from one 6”x6” linocut block, using Rives lightweight paper and Daniel Smith oil ink.

About the Printmaker
Ellen Brooks currently resides in Bismarck, North Dakota. She has been creating works of art since she was very young and continues to do so and explore new techniques today. Her main focus of expression is through illustration, acrylic & watercolor painting, mosaic tile works, digital art & photography. Recently, she picked up relief printing with linocuts again and has found a new love for this medium.


by Ellen Brooks

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Symbol: Al
Atomic number: 13
Atomic weight: 26.981