About the Element
Silicon is naturally found in sand - sand being silicon dioxide. Also, silicon is used to build integrated circuits, which are the key component to building electronic components and computers (microprocessors, graphic cards, etc.). Computers were a key ingredient in helping people land on the moon.

About the Print
The image is a collagraph printing and hand coloring with watercolors

I've started with a cardboard plate, 6x6". For the sky, I've peeled a layer of the cardboard and also added some carborundum mixed with acrylic medium. For the sand, I've glued a piece of non-glossy paper (which would give me a light grey when printing), and added a couple of carborundum highlights. The computer is just carved into the plate using a fine (1mm U-gouge) woodcut tool.

About the Printmaker


by Tiberiu Chelcea

Symbol: Si
Atomic number: 14
Atomic weight: 28.0855