About the Element
The images represent phosphorus in that it is found in bones, represented by the skull. The skull means much more than just the fact that it is found within bones. Phosphorus has a deadly side, it is also used in bombs, which the skull can also allude too. It was used in red tipped saftey matches and is a prominent component in fertilizers. The match is enclosed by its alchemical symbol.

A few parts that I would have loved to incorporate, perhaps with another woodblock, would have been its agricultural attributes. And of course its hard to forget, once you've read about it, how it was discovered. Which included buckets of the researchers urine. It certainly brings up a lot of questions as to what brought him to the point of trying that (though it worked). In actuallity my first thoughts were a bit juvenile and images of calvin peeing came to mind.

About the Print
I carved it into wood that I found at the hardware store that was moderately soft (I can not remember what kind!) Used watercolor, varied the color just a little. I am interested in more experimentation with watercolor as part of the medium, it takes on a life of its own and the artist guides it, but does not completely control it.

About the Printmaker

by Michelle Arnold

Symbol: P
Atomic number: 15
Atomic weight: 30.973