About the Element
Sulfur Dioxide is one of the three most common gases that are in magma (water vapor and carbon dioxide are the other two). At high pressures beneath the Earth's surface the volcanic gases are dissolved in the molten rock. As the magma rises to the surface, the gases form tiny bubbles which expand. The expansion of the gases is the force that drives a volcanic eruption. Sulfur is found in its elemental form around hot springs and volcanoes.

About the Print
The print was created from a linoleum block using black water-based ink on white Rives BFK paper and my little proofing press.

About the Printmaker
I am a PhD chemist and artist from Waverly, NY. Printmaking has been an important creative outlet for me. I love the combination of printmaking and chemistry this project offers.

by Tara Shedlosky

Symbol: S
Atomic number: 16
Atomic weight: 32.065