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About the Print
This print was carved from a poplar block and printed on masa paper with sumi ink. There are so many applications for Zinc but the ones that stuck out in my mind are the medicinal uses. I read that a study in Europe showed that plants and animals that were denied zinc in their diets during developmental stages of life grew to be stunted and weak. I decided to carve an old victorian cabinet scene with antique bottles and a tube of zinc oxide cream. Zinc Lozenges are still used today to stave off colds and general health ailments. Zinc Oxide cream prevents sunburn, heals lesions, and is used for burns. I've chine collˇd a colorful label onto the main bottle which states the element's symbol and atomic number.

About the Printmaker

by Lana Lambert

see also: Seaborgium

Symbol: Zn
Atomic number: 30
Atomic weight: 65.409