About the Element
Bromine, symbol Br, atomic number 35 is a red, non-metallic liquid discovered in 1826 by Antoine Balard in a salt marsh. *Though perhaps a German student Carl Lowig found it first but didn't get around to claiming it. Bromine is not something you want to stick your nose in, as it is irritating, burning and hazardous, with a noxious vapor.

The name bromine comes from the Greek for "bromos" or stench. The stench might even be that attributed to a stinky goat. Bromine/bromide has also influenced language. That is the use of bromide to mean dull, uninteresting, trite and tiresome. To quote wordsmith.org: "In earlier times, potassium bromide used to be taken as a sedative. So any statement that was intended to be soothing ("Don't worry, everything will be OK.") acquired the name bromide. Eventually any commonplace or tired remark and anyone uttering such remarks came to be known as a bromide."

About the Print
My print was created by screen print with 3 screens for 3 color process. Due to some learning curve errors, in the end my screens were created by painting the negative space with screen filler.

I used the image of a goat after reading a reference to "stench of the goat" relating to the Greek word for stench. This goat is standing by a marsh and inhaling the nasty red vapor of bromine (but he doesn't mind, because he already smells).

About the Printmaker
Like Abraham Lincoln, Robin was born in the wilds of Kentucky where there was no electricity or indoor plumbing. She has attempted screen printing as a recent endeavor, still very much in the experimental/practice stage. With many continuing projects going on at once, she's also been known to work on goods for craft markets, art*o*mat art vending machines, swaps and more. Related activities include embroidery, small-book-making, sewing and painting. She currently resides in Richmond, Virginia, with her business partner and cat, Patches Q. Jeter.


by Robin Lookability

Symbol: Br
Atomic number: 35
Atomic weight: 79.904