About the Element
Yttrium is used in television tubes to make the red color. It was discovered in Ytterby, Sweden hence the swedish flag on the one tv screen.

About the Print
It's a monoprint...meaning...like a painting it is an original. I love to do sketches, photocopy them and alter them with zooming, etc. Then I transfer the images using a gum arabic solution...the photocopies become plates essentially. I like adding textures by creating my own collage style plates...sometimes using random things like eggshells to get the texture in the Yttrium print. I thought the eggshell texture reminded me of a fuzzy tv screen. I don't know how many times I put this particular print through the press. I never count

About the Printmaker

by Mira Bednarek

Symbol: Y
Atomic number: 39
Atomic weight: 88.905