About the Element
Cadmium is number 48 on the periodic table and its symbol is Cd. It is a soft, bluish-white transition metal and is relatively rare. It is a common impurity in zinc and is most often isolated during the product of that element. Cadmium is used to produce pigments for paint and plastics. In fact cadmium yellow can still be found today in the aisles of art supply stores. Cadmium is also used in batteries, as a stabilizer for plastics, in bearing alloys, and in electroplating. It is also known to cause cancer.

About the Print
This is a two color print produced from linoleum blocks, printed on heavy kraft-paper colored card stock. The linoleum is easier to carve than wood and was often used in the early days of letterpress printing for illustrations. I came up with the image of the paintbrush as a means to convey the use of Cadmium in pigments. After designing the complete print by sketching a rough idea and then refining it on the computer, I printed it out then transferred it to the linoleum blocks by tracing it over carbon paper. After that I carved the blocks with a standard set of linoleum cutting tools and then was ready to print on the press. The blocks were printed with oil based inks on a Vandercook proof press which was originally used to make proofs for newspapers, among other things. The Vandercook has an automatic inking system where ink is distributed over the blocks/plates for you, but because of the limited run I inked the blocks by hand with a brayer before each pass of the press.

About the Printmaker
I have been making linoleum block prints since about 1999, but I have only in the last few years discovered the world of letterpress printing and the way that linoleum blocks have been used in the process. I currently print most of my work now on a 1964 Vandercook proof press that originally came from a print shop in Atlanta, GA. My current influences are the works of Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Yee Haw Industries in Knoxville, and various other letterpress studios working to carry on the craft today.

Papa Studios

by Amy Josefczyk-Papa

Symbol: Cd
Atomic number: 48
Atomic weight: 112.411