About the Element
Indium was discovered by Ferdinand Reich and Hieronymous Richter while they were studying Zinc ore for traces of Thallium. Surprised by the unexpected brightly colored spectrograph images, they named the new element Indium in honor of the indigo line in its atomic spectrum. Today indium is used primarily as an ingredient in alloys used by the electronics industry, but its first major application was as a thin, slippery coating over ball bearings used in high performance air craft during World War II.

About the Print
Originally intended to be a simple one color screen-print, this project took on a life of it's own and ended up being constructed from a polyester plate lithograph, hard ground etching, spit-bitten aquatint, and some minor hand water coloring.

About the Printmaker
Although never considering himself an artist, Christopher Clark of Illinois has been creating images and objects his entire life. He prefers the term creator, builder, artisan, craftsman... really anything other than artist. "I feel the word 'artist' has been co-opted by pretentious blowhards and academics, (not to mention sub-sandwich makers.) I'm more down to earth than that. Although I love creating things, I don't feel the need to aggrandize myself with such a self-important label. What I do isn't really world changing and I'm fine with that." Recently, Christopher has been interested in pre-lens alteration of digital photography, primitive handmade musical instruments and using up free webspace.

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by Christopher Clark

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Symbol: In
Atomic number: 49
Atomic weight: 114.818