About the Element
For Tin, a silvery-white metal, the chemical element of atomic number 50. (Symbol: Sn), I pictured The Steadfast Tin Soldier from the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson.

About the Print
I also added more tins on the background. It's a four color linocut, gray, red and blue printed using the jigsaw method, overprinted with black. Printed with Daniel Smith oil based inks on white Rising Stonehenge paper.

About the Printmaker
While studying graphic design and illustration, I came across linocut relief printmaking. At first, the medium seemed to me very plain, even dull - no tricks, no mystery. But quite soon I was completely taken in with this technique. I found that honest and straightforward, the linocut doesn't have means of hiding a poor drawing, weak composition, and lack of content, so the artist has to be excellent in all these. Even a simple black and white prints can be very powerful if it's well designed. Multiple plates, reduction technique, and gradient inking make exploring the possibilities of relief printmaking full of excitement.


by Natalia Moroz

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Symbol: Sn
Atomic number: 50
Atomic weight: 118.710