About the Element
Xenon is a noble gas that glows blue when excited by an electrical current. It's often used in light sources, especially photographic flashes and projection units. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenon for more in depth information. -

About the Print
To create this print, I thought it appropriate to take a photo of the lamp in our photo etching machine at the studio, which I then exposed onto a copper plate in that same photo-etching unit. I applied an aquatint to the unexposed areas and printed an edition of six, then added blue glow-in-the-dark powder to certain areas of each print in the edition, the result being that a different part of each print glows in the dark after it's been charged by the light. -

About the Printmaker
I currently study printmaking at RMIT university in Melbourne, Australia. My work looks at scientific theory, myth, belief and philosophy. My favourite printmaking method is lithography, but I'll try anything if it works with my ideas. I also create short films with stop-motion animation using my printed matter. -


Leonie Connellan

Symbol: Xe
Atomic number: 54
Atomic weight: 131.293