About the Element
Osmium is a chemical element that has the symbol Os and atomic number 76. A hard, brittle, blue-gray or blue-black transition metal in the platinum family, osmium is one of the densest natural elements and is used in some alloys with platinum and iridium. The element and some of its alloys have a number of varied uses mostly relating to its density and strength. You will find it in such items as phonograph needles and and pen tips. However most recently alloys of osmium are employed in heavy machinery, gears, other applications where extreme durability and hardness are needed.

About the Print
I was primarily inspired buy the industrial uses of Osmium, but really struggled with the topic. The final print was created as a three color serigraph. I wanted to portray an unconventional beauty not often associated with heavy machinery. The perfect circles and repetition of the interlocking patterns that you find within the make up of gears make the bold background composition. My colors were chosen for what I would imagine to be their natural appearance within metal itself. turquoise blue and blue-gray polished at the height of its life and then the mustard yellow approaching rust during decomposition.

About the Printmaker
I have been producing art since a very young age, though I have only recently begun calling myself an artist. I find the process oriented mediums a challenge and most enjoyable. They tend to help me slow down and center myself. I enjoy the unpredictability of printmaking in particular. I never know how the finished piece will look while the concept is in my head. It's such a surprise when its finally pulled away from the block. My background in graphic design is often overwhelmingly present in my work through bold graphic patterns and the use of composition and negative space.

The Snowflakes Journey

by Annie Swincinski

Symbol: Os
Atomic number: 76
Atomic weight: 190.23