About the Element
The connection between this image and the element of gold is both tangible and abstract. The interiors of all the great churches of Europe and elsewhere are full of gold: gold leaf gilding, golden mosaics and objects made of gold. The architecture of such fine buildings employs the golden ratio, which gives the structures their harmonious aesthetic appeal. I spent many afternoons at this church when I was living in Florence. It was a great place to think and watch the sunset. One of my fondest memories of the city is its light at dusk. It is the most warm yellow light. As the sun would set on the city, it appeared as if all reflective surfaces, the Arno River, all the windows and shiny marble facades were made of gold.

About the Print
4 color screenprint with gold leaf on black paper. The church is from a photograph that I took in Florence. It is called San Miniato and it sits atop a hill overlooking the entire city.

About the Printmaker

by Miriam Tobias

Symbol: Au
Atomic number: 79
Atomic weight: 196.966