About the Element
Radium (Ra 88) is an extremely radioactive earth metal found in trace amounts in uranium ore. It has a half-life of 1602 years and decays into radon gas. Radium glows a light blue luminescent color and burns a bright red crimson. It was discovered by Marie Curie in 1898.

About the Print
There were some obvious images associated with Radium that I could have gone with (luminescent dials and clock hands, or Marie Curie) but I was amazed to find that Radium was once used in toothpaste and hundreds of other consumer everyday products.
The colors were first laid down by monoprinting on plexiglass, the carved linoleum key block printed last in black. The monoprinting aspect of this print went through many incarnations until I came up with color combinations that I liked.

About the Printmaker
I live and work on the Big Island of Hawaii. Although I have a degree in art, I own and manage a store so have little time for my own art. Retail displays are my current art form. I love linoleum block printing and I was delighted to have an excuse to make myself get back to doing what I enjoy.

by Gretchen Grove

Symbol: Ra
Atomic number: 88
Atomic weight: 226