About the Element
Actinium is a silvery, radioactive, metallic element. Due to its intense radioactivity, Actinium glows in the dark with a pale blue light. Actinium was discovered in 1899 by André-Louis Debierne, a French chemist, who separated it from pitchblende. Friedrich Oskar Giesel independently discovered actinium in 1902 and called it "emanium" in 1904. Debierne's name was retained because it had seniority. The chemical behavior of actinium is similar to that of the rare earth lanthanum. The word Actinium comes from the greek "atkts" meaning "beam or ray".

About the Print
I do drawings on frosted mylar, cut the positive out w/ an exacto and screenprint with fabric ink. printed on thick cardboard

About the Printmaker


by Christine Sheller

Symbol: Ac
Atomic number: 89
Atomic weight: 227