About the Element
Uranium is a white/ black metallic chemical element of the actinide series on the periodic table. It is repersented by the symbol U and has an atomic number of 92. The atomic number is the number of protons the element contains. Uranium is the highest atomic number of the naturally occurring elements and is weakly radioactive. Uranium is used to start and fuel a fisson reaction that can be used as a weapon or to produce energy. There are three types of uranium excisting in nature, uranium 238 (which is the most common kind-99%), uranium 235 (which is the most likely to fission spontaneously) and the rarest Uranium 234.

Fission occurs when Uranium is bombarded with slow neutrons, the uranium 235 isotope becomes the short lived uranium 236. This isotope immediately divides into the two smaller nuclei, relieasing nucleasr binding energy and more neutrons. these neutrons are absorbed by the surrounding uranium 235 nuclei and a nuclear chain reactions occurs. When there is nothing to absorb the neutrons the reaction becomes explosive.

My element is Uranium. Uranium was used to color glass for centuries. Read all about uranium glass (aka. vaseline glass), en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uranium_glass.

About the Print
Copper plate etching.

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by Marty Harris
Symbol: U
Atomic number: 92
Atomic weight: 238.028